Private Jet Charter to the Kentucky Derby

The Kentucky Derby is known as the Super Bowl of the horse racing world. One way you can arrive in fine style is to book a charter jet to the Kentucky Derby race and events. The Kentucky Derby is much more important than a horse race. This event is known to attract the most rich and famous from around the world. This year’s running of the Kentucky Derby occurs on May 7th. The Kentucky Derby race has been running every year since the first even in 1875. Even though the horses and jockeys are the main attraction, the Kentucky Derby has many other traditions. One of the most popular Kentucky Derby Traditions is the mint julep. The mini Julep is a tradition where people at the Derby each get to try a drink that becomes a souvenir glass with all of the past Derby winners engraved on it.


The legendary Churchill Downs racetrack is home to the Kentucky Derby each year. The iconic Kentucky Derby has been run at Churchill Downs for 147 years, making it the longest sports event in the United States. The Kentucky Derby is followed by a month of events which are used to Celebrate the Kentucky Derby, and helps to bring in over a quarter billion dollars each year.


If you are a Derby fan, there are many reasons to consider UberJets as your way to fly to the Kentucky Derby every year. We give you the best choices in private jets to get you to your destination at the best price and at your desired time. We provide a service where your jet will arrive in Louisville Kentucky at the time that is most convenient for your party. If you want to go to the Derby by yourself, or with a party of 10, we can provide the best aircraft to accommodate you on your journey to the most exciting event in all of sports.

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