Introducing Virtual Hangar® Flight Review: Enhance the Travel Experience!

“Virtual Hangar® isn’t just a platform that benefits our esteemed members; it’s also a valuable tool for Virtual Hangar® operators and aircraft owners who enroll their aircraft in the Virtual Hangar® program. Through a successful recent launch, UberJets passengers are enabled with the opportunity to rate their trip and provide feedback on both the crew and the aircraft, using a five-star rating system on their app.

Virtual Hangar® Flight Review

Once the passengers submit their ratings, the feedback is promptly shared with the Approved Operator and/or aircraft owner, providing them with direct insight into the passengers’ experience. We are also proud to announce that Virtual Hangar® Review will soon not only provide passengers with the ability to rate their flights but also allow crew members to rate their experience with the passengers based on their interactions and overall experience.

Recently, a passenger’s feedback prompted action from a Virtual Hangar® approved operator. Recognizing the importance of passenger experience, the operator used the feedback to convince the aircraft owner of the need for interior refurbishment, showcasing the value of Virtual Hangar® approval. After one month of refurbishment, it was recorded that the aircraft completed 50 hours flying UberJets passengers. (Hawker 800XP)

This innovative approach to aircraft rating is unprecedented in the industry. This real-time feedback loop ensures that both Virtual Hangar® Approved operators and passengers can continuously improve and tailor their experiences to meet the highest standards of excellence.”

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