Should I Tip My Pilots?

Certainly, tipping a pilot is not expected or required, as they are already compensated with a salary for their work on private jets. However, if they have provided you with outstanding service, it can be a nice gesture to offer them a generous tip as a token of your appreciation.

This is particularly true on smaller aircraft, where the pilots may also act as cabin attendants. In light, mid-size, and super-midsize jets, as well as turbo-prop private jet rental aircraft, pilots are often expected to perform multiple duties in addition to flying the plane. Tipping a multitasking pilot can demonstrate that you recognize and appreciate their hard work, and it can help build a positive relationship with them.


Of course, the decision to tip a pilot is entirely up to you, and you should never feel obligated to do so. However, if you do decide to tip, it’s essential to do so discreetly and respectfully. A simple and sincere aircraft review can also be a thoughtful gesture to show your appreciation for their excellent service.

It is a regular occurrence that members on the Virtual Hangar® platform have had the same crew members that have flown them in the past. In addition, the platform allows for crew members to be assigned to specific aircraft or trips, which means that if a crew member is well-liked or provides excellent service, they may be requested for future flights. This can lead to a level of familiarity and comfort between the crew members and the passengers, which can enhance the overall private jet travel experience.

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